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Delaware Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Clients Injured in Accidents Caused by Defective Auto Parts

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As a part of its National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Study that it conducts every few years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 94 percent of the 2,189,000 crashes studied the critical reason for the crash was driver error. In 2 percent of the crashes, the cause was attributed to a vehicle component’s failure or degradation, and in another 2 percent the cause of the crash was assigned to environmental causes such as slick roads or poor weather conditions. Although auto accidents caused by defective parts or mechanical defects are only two percent of all accidents, they still account for a significant number of injuries and deaths in this country every year. When someone has been injured in an accident that was caused by defective parts or mechanical or design flaws, they may be able to recover compensation for their losses by taking legal action against those responsible.

At the Delaware law firm of Silverman, McDonald & Friedman, we have developed a strong reputation for winning financial compensation for our clients when they have been injured in auto accidents or by defective products. We guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit or settling your claim.

Car accidents involving defective auto parts and automotive design defects

Some examples of accident injuries caused by automotive design defects include the Takata defective airbags that explode causing seven deaths and 100 injuries so far. GM’s Faulty ignition switches that shut the car off unexpectedly have caused injuries and deaths as have unintended acceleration where a design defect in certain cars caused it to speed up without the driver’s foot on the gas. Other types of mechanical defect can include:

  • Rollovers
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Steering & suspension systems
  • Fire in the fuel line
  • Tire blowout

Products liability claims in car accidents from defective auto parts

Manufacturers owe a duty of care to the end consumers to produce a product that is safe and will not cause injury. When someone has suffered an injury caused by a defective product, they may be able to file a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer, the retailer, and other parties in three different types of lawsuits:

  • Defective product design. Claims for defective design arise when the defect is in the way the product is designed as with SUVs that tend to rollover far too frequently, or airbags that deploy even when there has not been a crash.
  • Defective manufacturing. When the way in which a product is made makes it dangerous, those who have been injured by that product can file a lawsuit based on defective manufacturing. Examples include tires where the tread separates causing a blowout.
  • Failure to warn claims arise when the manufacturer fails to properly warn the consumer about the inherent dangers of the product.

Common injuries from auto accidents caused by defective auto parts or design

Regardless of what caused the crash, auto accidents have the potential to cause significant accidents and injuries such as:

Those who have suffered serious injuries in a car crash that was caused by defective auto parts has legal options for recovering compensation for their injuries and losses. An experienced Delaware products liability attorney from Silverman, McDonald & Friedman will make sure that all of the responsible parties from the product manufacturer all the way down the chain to the retailer and the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident are held accountable for your injuries. There are damages available for medical expenses now and in the future, lost wages and any diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering and other losses.

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