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Single Vehicle Auto Accidents with Stationary Objects in Delaware

Single Vehicle Auto Accidents with Stationary Objects in Delaware

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If you should end up in a single vehicle crash where you hit a stationary object, you most probably understand that you will be held responsible. If you own the vehicle then the collision coverage on your auto insurance policy will pay for the cost to repair the damage or replace the car if it has been totaled. When a car crashes into a stationary object such as a tree, a light pole, a cement barrier, a mailbox, or the side of a building it can cause tremendous damage to both your vehicle and your body.

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Liability in a crash with a stationary object

While it may seem clear at first glance that the driver was at fault when they crashed into a light pole, there are circumstances under which the driver is not at fault in a single vehicle crash with a stationary object. For example, the driver may have swerved to avoid colliding with a drunk driver and crashed into the light pole. A driver could be traveling down the road during a thunderstorm and crash into a tree in the road that came down in the storm. In another situation, the driver may have recently had a new tire installed which then blew out, causing the vehicle to careen into the side of a building. Any other type of defective equipment, such as brakes or steering mechanisms, could also contribute to a single vehicle crash into a stationary object.

In the case where you swerve to avoid a reckless driver, it might be impossible to hold that driver responsible unless they stop and you get their contact information. In the case of the defective tire or other equipment, you may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer, the mechanic who installed it and any other parties in the chain of commerce in a products liability lawsuit.

Why do single car crashes with stationary objects cause such devastating injuries?

When a vehicle crashes into an inanimate object it is often head-on, but if the crash is not squarely head-on, but slightly off-center, the damage can be tremendous. Your body is sitting inside of a vehicle, which is traveling at 40 miles per hour. In a collision, the vehicle comes to an abrupt halt, but your body continues to travel through space at 40 miles an hour until it comes into contact with an object that halts its forward motion. In a car, the airbag in the steering wheel and the seat belt restrain your body against the forces at play, but hitting a stationary object that does not crumple and absorb some of the energy of the crash. In an article in Road and Track Magazine, cars that crash into stationary objects can cause seats to break free from their moorings, or the vehicle can ricochet off the solid barrier causing even more carnage.

Common injuries from an auto accident with a stationary object

The occupants of a vehicle in a crash with an inanimate object may sustain serious injuries including:

Help for those injured in a single vehicle crash with a stationary object

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