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Riding a motorcycle on the open highways often represents a sense of freedom and adventure for riders. They are a lot of fun to drive, but they carry significant risks. In 2012, 4,957 motorcyclists were killed in motor vehicle crashes, which represents an increase of 7% from 2011. There were 93,000 motorcyclists injured in that year as well, which is a 15% increase over the previous year’s 81,000 injuries.

Riders do face unique risks because of their bikes’ small size, their nimble maneuverability on the road and their tendency to end up in a driver’s blind spots. However, none of these factors reduce the responsibility of automobile drivers to take notice and safely share the road with motorcyclists. The Delaware law firm of Silverman, McDonald & Friedman sympathizes with bikers who have been injured because of the reckless or careless driving of others. We apply our combined 100 years of experience in representing motorcycle accidents victims in New Castle, Wilmington, and Seaford and throughout the state. We pursue the damages you are due as a result of another driver’s negligence.

Common motorcycle accident injuries

Hazardous roadways, distracted drivers, defective bike or safety equipment parts – these are just some of the factors that can cause a motorcycle accident in Delaware. And unlike the driver of a car, a motorcyclist is not shielded by a crash-tested automotive body. He or she is at serious risk of personally absorbing the impact of a crash with another vehicle. Some common injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes include:

Helmet laws save lives and reduce the head trauma that can occur when a rider is in a crash with another motor vehicle. Delaware has a mandatory helmet use law for riders under the age of 18; however, NHTSA research shows that age-specific laws do not protect the lives of those over the age limit.

Why do you need a Delaware motorcycle accident attorney on your side?

As a motorcycle rider, you need to know that you have the same rights as other drivers, including the right to seek compensation for your losses as a result of the inattentive driving of others. The relatives of a fatally injured motorcyclist can also pursue a wrongful death claim against the person at fault for the motorcycle accident. Given the fact that the insurance companies you will be going up against all have legal representation – and many already have a bias against bikers – why would you want to face a motorcycle accident lawsuit on your own?

As with all of our personal injury claims, the legal process at our Delaware law firm involves:

  • Taking charge of compiling evidence
  • Working with accident reconstruction experts to prove who is at fault
  • Analyzing your case
  • Mounting a compelling claim for compensation

Our motorcycle accident attorneys seek just settlements from the insurance companies whenever possible. However, if they refuse to play fair, our firm takes your well-prepared case to court on your behalf.

Motorcycle accident lawyers asserting your rights in Delaware

Motorcyclists have rights, too. Our experienced motorcycle injury attorneys at Silverman, McDonald & Friedman fight for your fair share of the road and fair judgment in your personal injury case. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Delaware motorcycle accident lawyer in one of our offices in Seaford, Wilmington or New Castle, please call 302-888-2900 or fill out our contact form.

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