Verdicts & Settlements


client was injured by a drunk driver and sustained grievous injuries to his leg


settlement for young man injured in an intersectional accident


award for a pedestrian injured by a car


lump sum settlement for a worker who injured her liver and spleen in a work accident


trucking collision resulting post-concussion syndrome


award for a trucking collision/work injury case


workers’ compensation structured settlement


product liability case


recovery for injuries sustained by a child at a day care



workers’ compensation permanent impairment claim


settlement recovered for worker injured at work in an automobile accident with injuries to his neck, back and spleen.


arbitration award following a slip and fall

Over $400,000

in benefits awarded after two appeals to the Supreme Court for injured worker in first ever case in Delaware finding Mycrobacterial Avium Complex and resulting lung operations related to work exposure.


workmen’s compensation commutation.


workers’ compensation commutation for injuries requiring knee surgery


workmen’s compensation, client sustained a torn meniscus while in the course and scope of his employment


motor vehicle accident leading to back injuries


award for injured worker, post-surgery


motor vehicle accident leading to leg fracture