Delaware Real Estate Lawyers

Delaware Real Estate Lawyers

When you engage in a residential or commercial real estate transaction, whether as a buyer, a seller, a lessee, or a lessor, you must sign numerous complex documents. These documents are legally binding on you once you sign them, so it is important to understand them before you sign them.

Because real estate transactions involve significant amounts of money, it is wise to have an attorney on your side. While real estate agents and title insurance companies can assist you through the process, they are not authorized to provide legal advice to you. Just because you are given a standard purchase agreement or standard lease to sign, does not mean that certain terms are not negotiable. Our experienced real estate attorneys can help you negotiate a contract favorable to you.

We can assist you with the purchase and sale agreement, title searches and examinations, closing services, and negotiation of concessions following a real estate inspection. We can also assist you with land use and zoning regulations, environmental issues, easements, and commercial leases.

We can help you secure the return of your earnest money deposit if the selling party breaches the contract. We can determine if contingencies in the contract are met, if you can legally terminate a real estate contract based on contingencies, and if the other party is improperly using the contingencies in an attempt to terminate the contract.

The need for an experienced real estate attorney may not end following the closing of your real estate transaction. For example, if there is a defect in the property that was not disclosed by the seller and that you did not discover until after the closing, we can help you recover for any damages you suffered as a result. We not only offer transactional real estate services but also litigation real estate services if the need arises.

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