Best Practices Working With Insurance Companies

Working with Insurance Companies after a Car Accident in Delaware

Best Practices for Working with Insurance Companies after a Car Accident in Delaware

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After you have been involved in a car accident and your claim has been filed, you will be dealing with a claims adjustor who will manage your case through to its conclusion. One thing to always keep in mind is that the insurance company has one objective – profit. The claims adjuster’s task is to make sure that you get as little of the insurance company’s money as possible.

When you work with the skilled lawyers at Silverman, McDonald & Friedman, you work with a team who also only has one goal in mind – securing your future. We have firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of insurance companies and can navigate your lawsuit through their channels so you can receive your financial compensation as soon as possible. From our offices in Newark, Seaford and Wilmington, DE, we take on the insurance companies so you can focus on getting well.

Best practices to follow when working with insurance companies after an accident

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, you’ll likely end up dealing with the insurance company one-on-one. These calls and meetings can be challenging, especially because you’re working at cross purposes: you want the money you’re entitled to receive, and they don’t want to hand it over. The best practices for consumers who must deal with their insurance company after they have filed an accident claim are:

  • Read and completely understand your insurance policy. If you have any questions regarding coverage, benefits or what is not, covered write them down so that you don’t forget to ask them later.
  • Verify whether you maintain additional forms of insurance coverage from another company or as part of another type of policy, such as your homeowner’s policy.
  • Notify your insurance agent as soon as possible and share the details of the auto accident and any injuries you may have sustained. Ask your agent any questions that you have about your policy.
  • Write down extensive notes during your phone conversation with your insurance agent. Include the agent’s phone number and his or her manager’s name and phone number for future reference.
  • Do not sign any paperwork from the insurance company until your lawyer has had a chance to review it first.
  • Remain totally honest when speaking with your insurance agent. If you are dishonest and get caught, the repercussions to your insurance policy and future coverage could be serious.
  • Keep all photographs and paperwork related to the accident and your injuries in a safe place and provide copies to your attorney.

You are not required to provide a recorded statement to the insurance company immediately following the accident – and in truth, you shouldn’t. Come speak with one of our auto accident lawyers in our Wilmington, Seaford or Newark offices first, before submitting your statement.

The insurance company’s first offer will always be a low ball offer in an effort to save their company money. Remain confident and professional, and come to us with your questions and concerns. Part of our job as your car accident attorneys is engage in negotiations with a counter-offer. If that offer isn’t accepted, or if the insurance company refuses to pay you a settlement that is fair and just, then we will discuss your options for going to trial.

Your guide to navigating an insurance claim after a personal injury

Insurance companies are in the business to make money, not protect your interests. The Delaware auto accident attorneys at Silverman, McDonald & Friedman are aware of the way insurance companies operate, and we fight to protect your rights. Please call 302-888-2900 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with a dedicated auto accident attorney in one of our Newark, Seaford or Wilmington office locations.