SUVs Are More Dangerous Than We Think

SUVs Are More Dangerous Than We ThinkFor years, we have been told that SUVs and larger vehicles are safer, but new reports show that may not be true. Silverman, McDonald & Friedman handles all accident claims throughout Delaware. Contact us in Newark, Seaford, or Wilmington to learn more about our services.

Many people say that they like driving an SUV because the vehicle makes them feel safer if there’s an accident than if they’re in a car. The size and weight of an SUV does help when an SUV and a car collide. Drivers like that they are higher up in their SUV than cars which makes it easier to view the traffic around them.

There are dangers though. SUVs aren’t as safe as you might think. According to researchers from the University of Michigan and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, “most cars are safer than the average sports utility vehicle [SUV], while pickup trucks are much less safe than all other types…. The safest SUV, the Suburban, has at least a 40 percent higher combined risk than the three safest midsize and large cars, the Avalon, Camry, and Accord.” The study also stated that the quality of the vehicle and built-in safety considerations were more important than the weight of the vehicle.

Rollovers are a serious risk in SUVs

Perhaps the biggest danger to your safety while driving an SUV is the possibility of a rollover. SUVs are more top-heavy than cars. This means an SUV’s center of gravity is higher – making the vehicle more likely to roll over. Some of the ways a driver can reduce the risk of a rollover are to drive at or below the speed limit, to take turns slowly, and to slow down when driving in a curve.

Other reasons SUVs are more dangerous than you might think

  • They can lull SUV drivers into a false sense of security, resulting in greater risk-taking.
  • They may be exempt from certain safety standards that apply to passenger cars.
  • SUVs are more likely to kill or seriously injured pedestrians according to AARP, because they have larger blind spots, and because the point of impact in a collision is different than it would be in a sedan or smaller car.
  • The increased height still doesn’t eliminate the dangers of blind spots.

One major factor in why SUVs are so dangerous is because there are so many of them now. The safety features of an SUV were designed to protect drivers and passengers in collisions with smaller vehicles. Today, however, there are more SUVs/CUVs/pickups and other large vehicles on the road – and the very features designed to protect you may not hold up when the other vehicle is also an SUV.

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