Car Accidents and Internal Injuries – When You Might Not Know You’re Hurt

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Car accidents can cause any number and variety of injuries, both minor and serious. When you’re in a vehicle traveling at a high speed that’s involved in a collision, the force of the impact or even the force of the seatbelt restraint can result in broken bones, back and neck injuries, and even damage to internal organs. Internal organ damage is an extremely dangerous injury, as it may not be immediately apparent.

This is why our attorneys always advise seeking medical treatment after any auto accident, no matter how minor your injuries may first appear.

Internal organs often injured in car accidents

Your internal organs can be damaged or hurt in an accident either due to external forces pushing on your body, or by a penetrating injury that punctures one or more of your organs. Whether you suffer what’s called an impact injury or a penetrating injury, the most common internal organs injured in car crashes include the:

  • Spleen. We often hear of the spleen being injured in an accident. This is because of its location – right under the left rib cage near the stomach. A hard blow to the abdomen can rupture or perforate the spleen, causing internal bleeding. Depending on the amount of damage, the spleen may need to be removed. An injured person can live without a spleen, but they may live the rest of their lives with a compromised immune system.
  • Liver. Your liver, on the right side of the body, is your largest internal organ. It also performs multiple, essential functions in the body. Liver damage can symptomize as pain in the upper right abdomen, with possible blood loss, a distended abdomen, or weak pulse. Major liver injuries may require surgery or result in death.
  • Kidneys. Located on each side of the spine just below the ribs, your kidneys filter your blood and produce urine and waste. When your kidneys are injured, you may feel pain in your mid- or lower back. Blood in the urine is also a sign of kidney injury and infection. Kidney damage may not always show up right away, which is what makes it a serious and life-threatening injury.

Some internal organ injuries are apparent immediately after an accident, especially in the case of a puncture or penetrating injury. However, in many cases they’re not visible right away and symptoms can be delayed. These are often called “hidden injuries” and can go unnoticed for hours or days, preventing valuable medical attention. It’s crucial to have a thorough medical evaluation after any motor vehicle accident to ensure your physical health.

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