Pickup Truck Crashes into Delaware Home

Pickup Truck Crashes into Delaware HomeCar incursions – when a car crashes into a building – are more common than you might think. Contact Silverman, McDonald & Friedman in Newark, Wilmington or Seaford to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer today.

On June 29, 2018, 6 ABC reported that a pickup truck crashed into a sedan in Christiana, Delaware. The truck and car accident happened around 10 am on Wedgefield Drive. The vehicles knocked down two light poles before crashing in to the house. Another home appears to have suffered damage. There was no word on any physical injuries

The occupants of the sedan should have the right to hold the driver of the pickup truck accountable if the truck driver caused the accident for physical harm and property damage to their cars. The owners of the truck could be held liable if the truck was owned by people other than the driver. The occupants could claim damages for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, and any lost wages. They also could demand payment for the cost to repair their vehicle.

The rights of homeowners and building owners when cars and trucks crash into their structures

Property owners also have the right to hold drivers accountable for the property damage they cause. The homeowners would not normally have the right to ask for any pain and suffering due to the emotional distress of having to repair their home.

In property damage claims, a key question is determining the value of the damage. Homeowners, normally with the help of experienced Delaware property damage lawyers, will obtain professional estimates which detail the damages and the cost to make the necessary repairs. An alternative damage claim is to ask for the reduced value off the home – the value of the home before the car accident and the value after the accident.

An important question is which insurance company pays for the damage. The homeowner could seek to have his/her homeowner’s policy pay for the property. If the homeowner’s insurance company agrees to pay for the repairs, it would likely demand the right to bring a claim against the car drivers and car owners – to be reimbursed for the insurance payments.

Alternatively, the insurance company for the homeowner might say that car crashes aren’t covered under the homeowner’s insurance. Respected Wilmington counsel would then likely seek damages from the insurance company for the homeowner and the insurance company for the car owner/driver.

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