Delaware Workplace Injuries: Overexertion

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You go to work every day and you give it your all, but did it ever occur to you that working too hard – overexerting yourself – could cause an injury that entitles you to benefits? Overexertion can occur in any industry or occupation because it involves an individual pushing beyond his or her physical limitations to the point of injury. Whether you are sitting at a desk and typing, building bridges, or loading cargo on a ship, as long as there is any kind of physical activity associated with your work, there is the opportunity for overexertion.

At Silverman, McDonald & Friedman, our Delaware workers’ compensation attorneys understand the consequences of overexertion in the workplace. We know how to help our clients get what they need after a worksite injury, and how to protect their rights in the process.

Overexertion is a leading cause of workplace injury

Overexertion is one of the top ten leading causes of workplace injury according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Academy of Social Insurance. Here are the first five leading causes of workplace injuries:

  1. Overexertion (25 percent)
  2. Falls on same level (15 percent)
  3. Struck by object or equipment (9 percent)
  4. Falls to lower level (9 percent)
  5. Other exertions or bodily reactions (7 percent)

Overexertion and bodily reaction are related to the following work activities and tasks when done repetitively and for long periods of time without rest:

  • Lifting
  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Turning
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Repetitive motions involving microtasks
  • Typing, key entry, texting and “mousing”
  • Repetitive use of tools and equipment
  • Repetitive grasping
  • Placing, or moving objects
  • Bending
  • Crawling
  • Reaching
  • Twisting
  • Climbing
  • Stepping
  • Kneeling
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Boarding
  • Alighting

Injuries related to overexertion on the job

There are several different kinds of injuries that an individual can incur due to overexertion. The injuries might occur after a single incidence of overexertion, or as a repetitive stress injury that accumulates over time.

  • Back injury. This is the most common overexertion injury of all. Ranging in severity from minor strains to spinal cord injuries, some back injuries require surgery, which cause the employee to lose a significant amount of time from work.
  • Neck injury. While the neck is strong it is a sensitive part of the body which can be injured easily from overexertion.
  • Muscle sprains & strains. While a pulled muscle might not seem to be a severe injury, it can keep an injured employee from resuming their work until it heals.
  • Joint, tendon and connective tissue injuries. Overexertion at work can cause joints to become dislocated, tendons can get torn or strained, and connective tissue inflamed causing intense pain and limiting the workers’ range of motion.
  • Heat exhaustion. For workers who must work outdoors even on really hot days in the summer, heat stroke can be considered an overexertion injury. Employees who work in overheated factories and in other high heat environments may also be subject to heat exhaustion.

Compensation for overexertion injuries in the workplace

It really makes no difference whether the cause of the workplace injury is overexertion, a fall or being struck by a falling object; as long as the injury was incurred during the course of your regular work tasks, and as long as you report the accident and injury to your employer, you may be able to file a claim for benefits. You can contact one of the competent Delaware workers’ compensation lawyers at Silverman, McDonald & Friedman, who can help make sure that you get all of the compensation you have worked so hard for. If you should end up facing any kind of dispute over your claim, your attorney will be a strong advocate for your interests.

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