2020 Traffic Accident Data Shows Distraction at the Leading Cause of Crashes in Delaware

If you were involved in a Delaware car accident, you have the right to hold the driver and other responsible parties liable for your injuries. You can claim damages for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, scarring and disfigurement, lost income, and property loss. Contact Silverman McDonald & Friedman today in Wilmington, Seaford, or Newark.

2020 Traffic Accident Data Shows Distraction at the Leading Cause of Crashes in Delaware

Each year, the Delaware State Police compiles data on the types of traffic accidents that cause death and injuries. The report includes all sorts of interesting information about traffic conduct and accidents – by county, by the type of accident, and many other factors. There were more than 29,000 traffic accidents in Delaware last year – approximately one crash every 22 minutes – leading to 7,254 injuries and 117 fatalities. Of those fatalities:

  • 12 were under the age of 21
  • 25 were pedestrians
  • 3 were riding a bicycle
  • 14 were riding a motorcycle

Alcohol use and driving under the influence accounted for 30% of all traffic fatalities in 2020.

Of the 7,254 injuries resulting from car crashes:

  • 3,320 involved a moving vehicle
  • 401 involved a stopped vehicle
  • 110 involved pedestrians
  • 56 involved a vehicle overturning

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What factors contributed to Delaware traffic accidents?

The 10 leading causes of Delaware vehicle crashes, from the most common to less common, include:

  • Driving inattention, distraction, or fatigue
  • Unknown factors
  • Following too closely
  • Driving carelessly or recklessly
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • An animal was in the roadway
  • Improper passing or lane change
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • The weather and environmental factors
  • Disregarding a traffic signal

Speeding was near the bottom of the list of causes of Delaware traffic accidents, though given how few cars were on the roads in 2020, that may not be surprising. We know that more drivers were speeding than ever before last year, but the number of speeding-related accidents was much lower than anticipated. This is good news about the accident, but the increased bad behavior is a worrying trend.

Why is distracted driving so common?

We all know how dangerous distracted driving is, so it is appalling how common it is. While Delaware has passed laws regarding cell phone use and texting, there are so many other things that can distract a driver: eating, rubbernecking, talking to other passengers, and so forth.

Data compiled by an insurance company found that drivers said their navigations systems are the 2nd most distracting factors (text messages are first) followed very solely by their kids yelling in the back seat. While all drivers have the ability not to text within their control, they may not be able to avoid the next two most common causes. Unless all drivers have a co-pilot while they are driving, GPS units and unruly passengers will still be a risk.

What steps should you take if you’re involved in a traffic accident in Delaware?

If you’re injured in any type of car, truck, or motorcycle accident; there are a few key steps you should take:

  • Call the police so they can clear away the traffic, make sure anyone who is hurt receives emergency medical care, and conduct an initial investigation.
  • Exchange driver information with the other drivers such as your name, address, phone, and insurance policy information, but do not admit fault, apologize, or start pointing fingers. Just get the information you need and move on.
  • Report the accident to your own liability insurance carrier.
  • Take pictures of your injuries, the accident site, and the vehicle damage if you have a smartphone.
  • Call an experienced Delaware car accident attorney to get started on your claim.

Remember that some injuries may become more apparent after the swelling has gone done and the adrenaline has eased, so you should seek medical attention after a wreck. You will need a doctor to make an initial diagnosis of any injuries or any injuries that may appear later such as whiplash.

What damages can you claim if you’re injured in a Delaware traffic crash?

If you’re injured in a car accident, even minor injuries can keep you awake at night, prevent you from working, or cause chronic pain. Severe injuries may require surgery. Some injuries never fully heal. Catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage may require constant medical care. You have a right to seek damages for these injuries and the losses you sustain as a result of them.

Our skilled Delaware car accident lawyers demand compensation for all your losses, including:

  • Payment for all your medical expenses including hospital stays, doctor visits, extended therapy, medications, and medical devices.
  • Payment for all the income you lose due to your injuries. This sum includes payment for all the wages and income you lose while you’re treating with your doctors. It also includes payment for any future loss of income due to a permanent disability.
  • Compensation for any scarring or disfigurement.
  • Compensation for your physical pain and emotional suffering.
  • The cost to repair or replace your car, towing costs, or other associated property losses.

Other damages may be allowed too such as punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct was wanton or malicious.

At Silverman, McDonald & Friedman, our Delaware car accident lawyers have a strong track record of success negotiating settlements and obtaining just verdicts. We file lawsuits against all responsible defendants including the driver, the owners of the vehicle that struck you, manufacturers of defective car parts, and others. We guide you and your family through each step of the car accident claim process. To talk to an experienced and respected personal injury lawyer, please call us at 302.888.2900 or complete our contact form to speak with our offices in Wilmington, Newark, and Seaford.

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