Road Construction Zones – Workers in Danger

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Road construction zones are extremely dangerous areas for the workers performing their jobs, due in part to the cars, trucks, and motorcycles zipping past them on the roads and highways. This, of course, is why you see reduced speed signage around construction areas when workers are present. Interestingly, however, although it might seem obvious that automobiles are the biggest hazard to road workers, they actually come in second on the list of road worker fatalities.

If an employee is injured or tragically killed on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are in place to provide for financial and medical concerns.

Fatal hazards for road workers

When driving near or through any work zone, drivers should be extra alert and cautious. Equally important, other workers in the area should be utilizing proper safety precautions to keep themselves and others out of danger. Following are some of the more common accidents that can cause serious or fatal injuries to road workers, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

The leading cause of road workers in construction zones is being run over or backed over by heavy equipment, accounting for about 48 percent of fatalities. Called runovers and backovers, most of these fatalities occur when workers are run over by construction or mobile equipment. It’s crucial that operators of these large vehicles, like dump trucks, know where other workers are while they are moving their equipment. Some companies institute safety measures such as the use of spotters. Road work often requires tight working conditions, and both workers and drivers must account for this.

After equipment runovers and backovers come vehicle collisions and car accidents. Vehicle accidents and collisions account for about 14 percent of fatalities of workers on foot in construction zones. Next, with another 14 percent of fatalities, is being caught between or struck by objects.

Why you need workers’ compensation

The types of accidents described above often cause catastrophic injuries that take considerable healing time, with possible long-term effects or damage. Workers may need extensive medical care, requiring time off work and other life disruptions. For many blue-collar workers, the loss of a paycheck is extremely financially stressful and the worry of losing their job is very real.

Workers’ compensation law allows injured employees to heal from their injuries, pay their medical bills, and recover some of the wages they’ve lost. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t as easy as just filling out a piece of paper. You may not realize you’re entitled to more benefits than you’re receiving. You may be denied your claim. Filing an appeal is complicated and should be done with the help of a qualified attorney.

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