New Construction Industry Workers Face Elevated Risk of Injury

New Construction Industry Workers Face Elevated Risk of InjuryConstruction workers have access to considerable workers’ compensation benefits when they are injured on the job. If you are one of these workers and have sustained an injury in the performance of your work duties, contact Silverman, McDonald & Friedman today to obtain the representation you need for the compensation you deserve. We serve clients in Delaware from our convenient offices in Wilmington, Newcastle, and Seaford.

Let’s imagine you are starting a new job at a construction company. You have many things to absorb, including becoming acquainted with your coworkers, understanding different facets of the company, and learning how to carry out your job responsibilities. At the same time, you need to stay safe. All of it put together can be a significant challenge to master as a new employee.

The risk to new employees

Work and Health, a Toronto-based Institute accumulated data that demonstrates new employees in their first month on the job are three times more likely to miss time from work as a result of injury than those workers employed for more than a year. The research done by the company also discovered that only 20 percent of employees receive the proper safety training they need to stay safe on the job and avoid the need to access workers’ compensation benefits.

About 33 percent of employees with less than a year of on-the-job experience missed work as a result of illness or injury. In about 25 percent of these cases, the injured employee missed at least 31 days of work.

Employees who were injured or incurred illness on the job varied among industries, according to the data. For instance, 34.9 percent of these employees were in the construction and extraction industries. The fishing, forestry, and agriculture industries accounted for 45.4 percent.

Shortage of construction industry workers, but more jobs coming in DE

With a smaller pool of younger workers to choose from, the construction industry is facing a shortage for its various open positions.

One effort to solve this problem is being conducted this month. The Governors Construction Career Expo will be held in late September in order to help middle school students as well as adults looking for a change in their careers to gain exposure to various construction career paths and training programs.

Delaware currently has a fast-growing construction industry and is expected to have over 3,500 construction job openings available over the next six years – through 2024. This initiative is designed to link employers with those seeking a career in the industry and acquaint prospective and future construction professionals with the information and resources they need to become a part of a future, strong workforce in the state.

On September 21, from 9 AM to 2 PM, the Expo conducted at the Chase Center in Wilmington, DE, will host middle school students from various areas of Newark County for the chance to meet with employers, learn about and participate in virtual simulators and heavy equipment demonstrations, sample various tools, and enjoy other fun activities.

As a new influx of construction employees enters the industry in the coming years, the importance of companies conducting effective training and orientation programs for new hires will be as important as ever. This training will be necessary in order to help these employees avoid construction accidents and injuries.

At Silverman, McDonald & Friedman, our attorneys fight vigorously on behalf of instruction professionals who are injured in the field. If you have sustained an injury while on the job, we can help you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. From our offices in Wilmington, Newcastle, and Seaford, we represent work injury victims across the state. To schedule a free consultation about your case, please call us today at 302-888-2900 or complete our contact form.

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