Inadequate Maintenance and Inspection

Delaware Injury Attorneys Discuss Truck Accidents Caused by Inadequate Maintenance

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Accidents caused by large, commercial trucks that involve passenger vehicles can have devastating consequences. Almost all motor vehicle accidents are a result of driver error, which amounts to some form of negligence. Inadequate maintenance is just another form of driver error. The law firm of Silverman, McDonald & Friedman understands the complexities of bringing a lawsuit against a big trucking company. Our Delaware truck accident attorneys in Seaford, Wilmington and Newark do everything in our power to protect the rights of our clients and to win the most compensation possible when they have been injured in an accident caused by the faulty maintenance on a large, commercial truck.

Federal regulations require regular truck maintenance

The Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) is the federal agency that regulates the commercial trucking industry in the U.S. There are regulations that govern how truck drivers and commercial trucking companies must maintain their trucks. Violations of these regulations can result in significant fines, and if the truck causes and accident involving another vehicle that results in injury or death, the truck driver, the trucking company and any third party maintenance company may be held liable for any injuries, property loss and death in the accident. The FMCSA has conducted a Large Truck Crash Causation Study in order to examine the reasons for serious crashes involving large trucks. One of the top ten factors responsible for causing a large truck accident was brake problems, which is completely avoidable when proper maintenance is done before every trip.

FMCSA regulation require truckers and trucking companies are required to keep daily records for each truck in their fleet. The records, usually in the form of a logbook, must be kept for up to 18 months after the vehicle leaves the company’s control. There will also be periodic inspections at least once each year and the required maintenance documentation must be in order. Violation of these and other FMCSA regulations incur penalties under 49 U.S.C. 521(b).

Other examples of improper truck maintenance that can lead to a truck accident:

  • Blown tires
  • Transmission problems
  • Faulty steering systems
  • Burned out/ malfunctioning lights
  • Overweight trucks
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improperly secured cargo

Given the fact that large, commercial trucks can be a rolling safety hazard to other vehicles even when they are in top, working order, neglecting their maintenance is negligent behavior that can cause an accident, or make an accident worse.

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If you or someone you care about has been injured in a truck accident on the Delaware roadways, the attorneys at Silverman, McDonald & Friedman have the knowledge and the skills to investigate even the most complicated trucking accident. We review the truck’s maintenance logs, reconstruct the accident scene when necessary and cover every detail related to the accident in order to ascertain the parties that will be held liable for your injuries and losses. We have dedicated our professional lives to helping the injured in Delaware, and we know how to obtain the best compensation possible for our clients.

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