New Law Requires Helmet Use for Motorcycle Riders in Delaware

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Recently, Governor Carney in Delaware signed a valuable package of laws in hopes of improving safety on the local roads and highways across Delaware. The goal of this package is to reduce severe accidents on the roadways as well as implement new regulations to save lives. With increasing accidents and fatalities over the years, Governor Carney and other Delawareans are hopeful that this new set of laws will make a difference in their residents’ safety and well-being.

One of the laws that Governor Carney signed in June 2023 is the law requiring motorcycle riders to wear their helmets within the first two years of having a motorcycle license. The reason that this law was signed into effect is because more than 24,000 people had registered motorcycles in Delaware in 2021, but many of these individuals fail to wear their motorcycle helmets. Within the last five years, close to 150 motorcycle riders in Delaware experienced severe and traumatic injuries and 35 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents while not wearing helmets.

Additionally, the statistics prove that “25 percent of serious injury and fatal accidents among Delaware licensed motorcycle riders occurred within the first two years of obtaining a license.” Therefore, Senate President Pro Tempore David Sokola, Representative Danny Short, and Representative Sean Lynn developed Senate Bill 86 to ensure that all motorcyclists wear helmets within their first two years of obtaining a motorcycle endorsement. Sokola stated that there is a benefit in “having more restrictions early in one’s time on the road, and the adding privileges with more driving experience.” The Delaware law already required individuals to be in possession of helmets while riding their motorcycles, but the new bill will ensure that helmets are actually being worn.

Why should I wear a motorcycle helmet in Delaware?

Other than it is now the lawin Delaware, there are several other important reasons why you should consider wearing a helmet, especially if you are a seasoned motorcyclist who got their endorsements more than two years ago. We will go over the five main reasons below.

  1. Motorcycle helmets can reduce neck fractures, whiplash, and other neck injuries: Motorcycle riders who do not wear helmets and are involved in a collision are likely to suffer severe neck injuries, such as whiplash or neck fractures. These types of injuries can lead to chronic pain and lifelong complications, which impact individuals’ ability to function normally as well as carry out their daily tasks and duties.
  2. Motorcycle helmets have the potential to decrease traumatic brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries are very serious injuries that can lead to permanent brain damage or death. These injuries happen when a person hits their head on a hard surface, causing the tissues within the brain to swell, bleed, and tear. Depending on how hard you hit your head, the brain injury may be minor or severe. However, wearing a helmet can decrease your chances of suffering a severe traumatic brain injury as well as the long-term complications that may arise from this type of injury.
  3. Motorcycle helmets have the ability to reduce skull fractures: Skull fractures occur when an individual has any type of break in their skull. Most of the time, these injuries come from bumping or striking your head on a hard object. Therefore, if you wear a helmet, you will reduce your chances of breaking your skull and dealing with the agonizing aftermath.
  4. Motorcycle helmets can lead to less facial, dental, and eye injuries: When a person does not wear a motorcycle helmet, they are likely to experience facial, dental, and eye injuries in an accident. The reason for this is because you do not have the protection around your face, mouth, or eyes, leaving that area open for injuries. As a result, you may suffer a broken jawbone, a cut or laceration to the eye, broken or missing teeth, and more.
  5. Motorcycle helmets can decrease the possibility of dying in an accident: The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety released a report stating that helmets reduce fatalities by more than 40 percent. If you wear a helmet, you have a much better possibility of surviving after being involved in a motorcycle accident than if you do not.

What other protective equipment will help me prevent severe injuries from a motorcycle accident?

Although motorcyclists are more prone to traumatic and devastating injuries, there are certain pieces of protective gear in addition to helmets that you can wear to try to prevent certain injuries from occurring. A few of the necessities that you should consider purchasing and wearing while on your motorcycle are:

  • Motorcycle eyewear
  • Motorcycle gloves
  • Long and padded pants
  • A padded jacket
  • Closed-toe boots or shoes
  • Reflective gear

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