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Working at a port is a dangerous job to have. There is scaffolding, containers, forklifts and many other dangerous items that are used regularly. Two contractors working at the Port of Wilmington were recently fined more than $687,000 in penalties by OSHA for the death of a port worker who fell into a tank from scaffolding 40 feet above the tank.

Fall risks posed to port workers

Port workers in Delaware face serious fall risks no matter how careful they perform their job duties. A fall from scaffolding might not lead to your death, but it can cause paralysis or traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Scaffolding, when not erected properly or inspected prior to use each day, can collapse without much warning. Workers should have protective equipment with them at all times, including a harness and hard hat, to help prevent them from being critically injured in a fall.

Aside from scaffolding, port workers face serious fall risks from ladders, unsafe decks, loose boards on docks, oil spills and wet floors and walkways. Even a puddle on the floor of any area of the port can lead to a fall that causes serious injuries to you or a co-worker. Falls form personnel platforms, which move both people and cargo, are also possible.

While a fall on a y surface could lead to injuries, port workers have the additional risk of falling into open water. All workers should be given life jackets, and the port itself should have life preservers close at hand.

Claims for fall injuries at Delaware ports

If you are injured while working in the Port of Wilmington, you generally have two options: if you are a seaman, you can file a claim under the Jones Act. If you are not, you can file a claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. If, however, you are an employee of a company which has contracted with the port, or with the federal government, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation through the state of Delaware. These are complex cases, so you should consult with an experienced Delaware workers’ compensation attorney about what your path forward should be.

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