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In 2018, there’s simply no excuse for a person to claim they’re not aware of the dangers of texting and driving. Yet, just because someone knows a behavior is dangerous doesn’t mean they’ll stop doing it. It’s human nature for some people to believe that they can beat the statistics and be the lucky one who won’t get in an accident when they text and drive. But why would you roll the dice with your life—not to mention the lives of innocent people?

The car manufacturer Volkswagen is concerned about texting and driving as well, and has launched an ad campaign in Sweden that aims to give drivers a constant, tangible reminder of the risks of distracted driving. Even though the campaign is running in Sweden, it’s certainly relevant here in Delaware and across the United States.

VW’s Crashed Cases are phone cases designed from crumpled and twisted metal recovered from actual car accidents. This might feel a little morbid, but when you’re in your car and pick up your phone for a text and see dented and scratched metal, you’re probably going to think twice about your decision.

A creative attempt to decrease car accidents

A partnership between brand management company NordDDB and Volkswagen Stockholm, the Crashed Cases initiative launched after Sweden introduced a law banning the use of phones while driving. Despite this legislation, however, the car accident rate hasn’t changed.

To help call attention to the issue, VW designed a limited edition run of Apple iPhone 8 cases, made from the sheet metal of cars damaged in texting-and-driving accidents. They made only 153 cases. Why such a random number? Turns out it’s not so random at all. The 153 represents the number of crashes that occurred since the implementation of the ban.

“We know how easily it happens that you accidentally pick up your phone to receive a call or to send a text,” says Johan Karlsson, Brand Manager at Volkswagen Stockholm. “But you are 23 times more likely to be in a car accident if you text and drive, so it’s important to know how serious the matter is. We believe a phone case made by unfortunate cars makes you think twice before you pick up your phone. It will be like a silent reminder to keep focus on the road and not multitask while driving.”

Proceeds from every case sold go to the Swedish accident survival and rehabilitation group Trafikskadefonden, helping victims of highway and road accidents. Cases are available to be shipped to the United States and can be purchased online for about $70. Every case is handmade with its own unique number engraved on it.

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